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December 8, 2015|Aaron P. Blaisdell & James C. Denniston

I’ve decided to publish on this blog a paper that fellow graduate student (at the time) Jim Denniston and I wrote for our class research project in a course taught by Evolutionary Biologist David Sloan Wilson. Jim and I were Ph.D. students at SUNY Binghamton at the tim…

September 3, 2015|Aaron Blaisdell

We did it! We successfully raised $6,030 in 21 days, with still 9 days to go before the campaign closes! Here’s a link to the campaign website on You can go there to read about the proposed res…


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  • Anton Fuerlinger

    Dear colleague Blaisdell!

    As you seem also interested in comparative psy and hominization, I’d like to come in contact with you.  For a visit card see my essay on “old-age-bias”:
    And, as a pupil of K. Lorenz (yes he applied for NSDAP), I plea for a broadening of the concept “social” to include animals because of evolutionary priority of interspecific interaction before (eu)sociality, called the “other theory” in:
    Sure your time management is tight..but maybe you can have a look at these ideas before I come to California visiting my son who started to organize startups in the valley:  and visiting UCLA – to meet most fascinating people like you..hopefully.

    Best wishes and greetings from Austria

    Anton Fuerlinger –

    Anton Fuerlinger 10 months ago  Reply
  • Aaron Blaisdell
    Aaron Blaisdell 2 years ago  Reply