Bug Harold

The Don Quixote of the bug world

Artwork by Sienna Gonzales

I’ve written some children’s books about Bug Harold. Bug Harold imagines himself a valiant knight. In each adventure, Bug Harold journeys forth to conquer the latest villain, be it a ferocious snap dragon in the night garden, or the crazed Crayfish McClaw in his watery lair.

Each quest concludes with a cute twist and a happy ending.

Read the first few verses below. I’m looking for an agent to represent my books, so if you know of anyone…

Excerpt from Bug Harold and the Snapdragon

The moon is perfectly round

A gentle mist lies on the ground

Tonight the crickets make no sound


This is a story of comic peril

Like those penned by Lewis Carrol

Staring the young and restless Bug Harold


Bug Harold is no ordinary pest

He wears a pin upon his vest

“You’ve seen the rest, now see the best!”


Excerpt from Bug Harold and the Crayfish

Straddling a water strider

With 2 legs fewer than a spider

Poised for action, our intrepid rider


Harold scans the shimmering stream

Flowing gently and serene

But things aren’t always what they seem


The water bugs reported news

A tale so frightening they could not snooze

Young minnows lured by a clever ruse


Into the voracious maw

Of the most fearsome giant you ever saw

None other than Crayfish McClaw